How E-Learners Can Find An Internet Connection

When you’re an online student, it’s a good idea to have a back up Internet connection.

While your home connection may be the most convenient way to access the web, many people find themselves without service when they move to a new location, experience a power outage, or have unreliable connections.

If you’re trying to engage in an online class discussion or post your midterm essay to your course Web site, the last
thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’ll be able to access the web. When you find yourself without the
Internet in your home, check out some of these great alternative places to catch a signal:

Libraries: The great thing about public library Internet access is that it’s usually free. Many public libraries are  creating and improving computer labs for public use.

Depending on the consumer traffic at your local library, this could be a great place to do your work or it could be a giant headache.

Some library labs are overcrowded and a bit too loud for writing that mid-term. You probably don’t want to face shoving high school students, long waits, and 15-minute limits. However, other library labs can offer a calm and
peaceful place to do your work. Ask your librarian what the best hours are.

Internet Cafes: Cafes are springing up all over the place. They generally offer a reliable connection at a fast speed
for a reasonable price. Search your neighborhood for these tiny shops and you’ll probably be surprised at how many you find.

Neighbors: If you have a wireless connection on your laptop you may be able to access your neighbors’ wireless signal
in your own home. Don’t “borrow” their bandwidth without permission though; be sure to ask if you can use their  connection.

Bookstores and Coffee Shops: These local hot spots often have wireless connection available, free of charge, to patrons. If you bring your laptop with a wireless connection, you can grab a hot chocolate and use the Internet to your heart’s content.

The nice thing about bookstores is that, unlike public libraries, they generally maintain long hours and have a very clean atmosphere. However, you may want to call ahead to make sure you won’t find yourself in the middle of a  dramatic poetry jam.

Local Colleges: If you live near a college, you may want to check out their Internet policy. Many colleges offer free
wireless connection everywhere on campus. College libraries often provide Internet hook ups for laptops as well as
computer labs. At some colleges you may have to have a student ID to log on, so check with the school before connecting your computer.

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Understanding WiFi Wireless Internet Access Terminology

There are a lot of different terms floating around when it comes to wireless Internet access. Terms such as WiFi, wireless and hotspot can be confusing. They are often used interchangeably although this is not always appropriate. If you are thinking about offering some type of wireless Internet access in your business location, you need to know what these terms mean so you can make smart decisions. This article will decode these terms to help you understand what they mean, and more importantly, how they can help your business.

If you are a small business owner who is considering adding WiFi wireless Internet access as one of the amenities offered by your business, you probably already realize how providing this service can improve your profit margins. Many businesses such as coffee shops and cafes are already offering wireless Internet access and realizing the financial gains. Not only do they attract more customers but these customers also tend to stay longer and purchase more when they use the wireless Internet connection provided in the establishment. Additionally, providing wireless Internet access is very inexpensive. You will pay a one time amount for hardware and software when the hotspot is first setup and you will pay nominal monthly fees to provide and maintain the Internet access.

As you can see, offering wireless Internet access is typically a good idea that will help you to make money. However, if you are not technologically savvy, you probably do not even know where to begin. Furthermore, you are likely to become easily confused when you start to sort through the terms and explanations. We will simplify everything for you in one sentence. Basically, what you want to do is utilize WiFi technology to provide wireless Internet access. This means you will utilize technology and devices which are WiFi certified by the WiFi Alliance to provide visitors of your business the ability to access the Internet without using wires.

Hopefully, this clarifies things a bit for you. One of the biggest mistakes make is assuming wi-fi refers to the Internet connection itself. However, once you realize that the term WiFi is referring to the technology used to provide the Internet access, everything becomes less confusing. So, now you are really ready to provide your customers with a hotspot. This just means you will be creating an area where they can access the Internet through their mobile devices such as laptops, cell phones, PDAs and even gaming devices.

Now that you understand all of the terms, it is time to get your hotspot up and running. It really isn’t incredibly difficult to set up your own wireless hotspot. However, if you are apprehensive about the project it is a worthwhile investment to hire a consultant to setup and maintain the hotspot for you. They will not only make sure the installation is done right but they will also respond to outages and perform periodic maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency. Perhaps most importantly though, they will make sure your sensitive information is kept private. Allowing your customers to access your network can be risky if the right precautions are not taken. You should ensure all of your personal and business information is either on a private network or is well protected on the shared network.

Dial Up Internet – Pros & Cons

Dial Up Internet Service

Dial Up is the cheapest Internet access option, and may well serve your needs if you only need light to moderate Internet access.

Dial up is also great if you travel because unlike most broadband plans you can use it practically anywhere.

I use both a home based high-speed cable ISP and a low-cost dial-up Internet service for times when I’m away from home.

Advantages of Dial Up Internet

  • Inexpensive – Many Nationwide ISP unlimited dial-up Internet service plans are under $10 per month.
  • Mobile – You can use the dial-up Internet service anywhere there is an available telephone jack.
  • Easy – No special hardware to buy, configure or maintain.

Note: Even though most dial-up ISPs advertise Unlimited dial-up, the maximum Internet connection time is usually capped at 300 hours per month which works out to approximately 10 hours usage every day of the month. If you need more Internet connection time than this then you should seriously consider a Broadband DSL or High Speed Cable Internet Plan.

Disadvantages of Dial Up Internet

  • Slow – Unsuitable for streaming audio or multimedia video viewing.
  • Must Connect – You have to dial-up the ISPs service to access the Internet.
  • Disconnections – If your Internet connection is inactive for a period of time most ISPs will disconnect you.
  • Ties up Telephone – Your telephone line will be busy while connected without Modem On Hold.

Can I Use My Telephone While I’m Online?

If you only have one telephone line then you can’t dial out or receive incoming while you are connected to the Internet unless you have a V.92 modem with “Modem On Hold” software installed.

What Is Modem On Hold?

Modem-On-Hold is a new V.92 modem technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls while connected to the Internet. Most dial up ISPs support “Modem On Hold”. You will need call waiting service from your phone company and compatible Modem-On-Hold software. You should have received software such as “NetWaiting” or “MOH” with your v.92 modem, but if not, you will need to download it from your modem manufacturers web site.

What is Accelerated Dial Up?

Most Internet service providers offer a dial-up Internet accelerator. Basically the accelerated dial up service consists of advanced compression and caching software downloaded from your ISP and installed on your computer. This special software drastically reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent across the phone lines to your computers modem. Although you should see an immediate improvement in performance, the trade-off is that the graphic image quality is somewhat reduced. The accelerator software is usually configurable to allow you to customize the compression ratio and other settings.

How Do I Choose the Best Dial Up ISP?

I would personally choose an established Internet provider that has a proven track record and provides many U.S. Nationwide and Canadian V.92 local access numbers. To avoid long distance telephone charges, you should make sure that any prospective dial-up ISP provides local dial-up numbers for your area. Compare low cost dialup Internet providers and choose one that best fulfills your needs and is within your monthly budget.

Why Share a Single Internet Connection?

Most of the time, the reason people install a network in their homes is to share their single broadband Internet connection.

Whether that network is hard wired in their home providing limited access but located strategically throughout the house in the most popular spots or it is a wireless network allowing access from anywhere in the home, the goal is usually shared Internet access.

Sure, there are other reasons for building a network in your home such as file or printer sharing, centralized computer backups or access to a media and entertainment center. But the biggest reason is to take a single Ethernet connection coming off your cable or DSL modem and distributing that from one to many to access simultaneously throughout the home for all users.

Even a number of single-user tasks that have previously been performed on a local basis can be enhanced with adding Internet access. “Cloud computing” is the term for using online applications, saving the work remotely and being able to share or distribute the work among a limitless number of contributors and authors is but one application. Spread sheets that can automatically update themselves with download financial data from you bank is another application of this ‘always on, always accessible from anywhere’ configuration.

Most home Internet sharing designs are built around sharing an ‘always on’ broadband Internet connection. However, even slower dial-up users can get many of the same benefits from having the ability to share their Internet connection from a single computer.

Today’s operating systems continue to enhance the usability and the ease of configuration of a home or small office network. Add to this the advent, growth and popularity of “Plug-and-Play” Ethernet adapters, routers, modems and access points, it is easy for the most novice user to create and maintain a usable wireless network for their home users as well as in an office environment.

In order to distribute an Internet connection throughout your home or office, you must decide upon which service is available and right for you. Most users have the following services from which to choose:

Dial-Up Connection using a telephone line and computer modem

A DSL (digital subscriber line) connection over standard telephone lines

Cable modem – High speed Internet provided by television cable operator(s)

FiOS – Newly emerging fiber-optic service

Satellite Broadband – Internet access provided by a satellite service

These last four are often bundled into the term of ‘broadband ‘Internet service. There is has no set standard as to what speed is considered in this group. Basically, any service that exceeds the highest speeds available over a telephone dialup connection could technically be called broadband. Your choice will be determined by what services are available, what speeds you need and you budget.

The Secret to Making Your Work From Home Dream a Reality

Working from home is a dream for many, but now you can make your work from home dream a reality through the Internet and your home computer using the skills and knowledge that you already possess? Home based businesses are the fastest growing segment of business in the United States and they are mostly cashflow based businesses because of the very low overhead associated with them. Home based businesses are a driving force in our economy, especially in tough economic times and unlike traditional small businesses, about 70 percent of all home based businesses are still in operation after two years. With gas prices rising higher and higher, telecommuting and home based businesses are more popular than ever before. Working from home is convenient for parents who have to take care of small children and who want to enjoy the benefits of being self-employed and the ability to be in complete control of their day and level of income. Many niche based home based businesses have not yet been fully exploited or tapped into and many of these niches still have huge potential for growth, development and profits.

Most people that start up a home based businesses are not wealthy to begin with and don’t really have a large budget for advertising. So, if this is the situation you are in, don’t be discouraged as you are in the majority of work from home entrepreneurs. Because Internet business is headed toward the focus on the vertical, niche market segments, working from home is a great way to start small, tap into a profitable niche market on the internet and make the income you desire for yourself without a huge upfront investment. Working from home is NOT a way to get rich quick, but rather a way to quickly begin earning a decent living without a large upfront investment.

I believe there are only a few very important keys to success working from home in your internet based business. Your Internet home business idea will grow at a faster pace when you provide your visitors with a content rich website. Pick a niche that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and this will benefit you in many ways. Not only will you get a fast start because of your knowledge base, but you will greatly enjoy what you are doing a whole lot more and this is one of the key elements to your long term success. In addition, your site needs to be user friendly, easy to navigate and graphically pleasing to the user/customer. If you are new to the internet, I can tell you from experience, the best way to get a great looking site is to start with a template or to tap into one of the many turn-key site solutions which are available on the market today.There are a number of proven and tested turn-key internet based businesses on the market today which may work for you and give you the fast start you are looking for. Beyond that, all you really need to get started is a good computer, a high speed internet connection, your existing knowledge and passion about a particular subject or vertical niche market and of course, dedication, commitment and a positive attitude.

To begin the process, I suggest you create a list of ideas, concepts and markets which interest you and begin doing some research on the keywords associated with them with any one of the free keyword tools available on the internet. You can do a Google search for “free keyword tools” to find the tools you will need to use in your research. Once you have determined one or more markets which interest you and have lots of niche traffic and monetization potential, you have a large number of ways to begin earning an income from these opportunities.

Working from Home is easier than you may think. If you want to succeed in your home based business, do not let anything to get in your way, be singularly focused and truly committed to your success. When starting your internet based, work from home business be prepared for frustration and disappointments but remember, to be successful long term, you must persevere and stick these initial challenges out and once you get over the learning curve, success will find you in spades.

Just be consistent in what you do over a long period of time and maintain your learning, education and personal development as a student of internet based businesses and eventually, your work from home business will begin bringing you a lucrative income. Once you succeed in your work from home business, you will forget your previous employment issues and truly begin to benefit from the enhanced quality of your life, additional free time to enjoy with your family and loved ones and the satisfaction of knowing that you achieved great success doing something that you really love and enjoy from the comfort of your home and being able to earn a great living doing it. I can tell you from personal experience, there are few things in life more satisfying.

Tony DiDomenico is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years of Sales, Marketing and Business experience. He spent over 10 years in the corporate arena for Fortune 50 companies and has over 10 years of successful experience as a serial entrepreneur, professional online marketer and home based business owner.

He has created, founded and successfully built numerous offline and online businesses and is currently the owner of three different companies in the marketing and sales arena.